Dogs 97-100 – Fuck the haters

What better way to finish 100 Dogs of Summer than hitting up the place that really made this all possible: Sonic.


The Sonic corndog. If I’ve had 1, I’ve had 100 (literally). Ole reliable. Fried corn bread around a hotdog, artfully stuck on a stick. Give me a 10/10 over here.


I decided I would test Sonic’s dog chops on this historic day and ordered up a Chicago Dog. I’ve ran into problems with this style of dog before, and I wanted to see how Sonic could handle it. Turns out the churn out a mean Chi dog. Not too much relish, the pickle didn’t over power, and a very good distribution of the toppings. Honestly, what else did I expect? Sonic knows DogLife. Lets toss another 10/10 over here


The chili cheese. Dog. Chili. Cheese. Messy, sloppy, but goddamn it, its #99 and I’m not gonna be a cynic. 10/10 baby.


For my final dog, I again tested Sonic’s dog chops. Their New York Dog. Sauteed onions, kraut, spicy brown mustard. Not only do I applaud the ballsiness of a fast food joint to sell something with kraut, but I applaud the execution. What really wins me over here is the spicy brown mustard. They don’t serve it standard with any of there other items. Just this 1 hotdog. They have spicy brown mustard in their kitchen just for 1 goddamn item. 1. Fucking devotion.  I know its repetitive, but Sonic gets DogLife.  One more time for me, 10/10



I did it. 100 dogs. 1 summer. 100 Dogs of Summer. Done. Fucking done. I would say I’m not a hero, but then I’d just be lying.

To all the haters who said “Hey Rory you can’t eat 100 dogs in one summer, thats too many” or “Rory thats crazy unhealthy you might actually die” or “Rory, as your physician I need to advise against this.” Go suck a dick. I did it. I ate 100 dogs and I’m still alive to tell the tale.

Sure I may be a few pounds heavier. Yeah, my neck now looks like a pack of hotdogs when I look down. Maybe my arteries are a little more clogged up. But you know what, I’d do it all again. Because when it comes to DogLife, I don’t quit. It knows no bounds. I knew I had to do this. The dog world was counting on me. I could have been held at gunpoint by Clint Eastwood and he could have given me some badass speech about how I can’t finish my 100 Dogs of Summer quest. I’d still do it. This was bigger than me.

But don’t think that just because the Dog Days of Summer are over Rory is just gonna throw in the towel on DogLife. Oh no. OH NO. Thats the beauty of DogLife. It keeps moving. Just because I pulled off one of the greatest feats in DogLife, nay, human history doesn’t mean the train stops. Rory is still gonna be chomping on dogs his whole damn life. Because DOGLIFE DON’T STOP


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