You can take Chase Utley out of Philly, but you can’t take the Philly out of Chase Utley

Chase Utley is a scum bag blah blah he is still ruining Mets fans lives even though he isn’t in Philly anymore blah blah the entire baseball world hates him blah blah. I’ve heard it, and I agree with absolutely every word of it. It was a shit play made by a shit player.

But what I don’t get is how the horrendous officiating of this play is being overlooked. Chase Utley NEVER TOUCHED THE FUCKING BAG. How can I guy be safe if he never touched the bag? He might as well have ran down the right field line, grabbed the chair from the ball boy, ran over to second and smashed Tejada in the leg, then ran off the field. I understand that Utley thought he was called out so he got off the field, but isn’t the fact that he never touched the goddamn base indicative of how fucking scummy that slide was? Shouldn’t the reviewing of the play come to the conclusion that he is out on account of interference?

That play, a baserunner who never touched the base was awarded said base. I understand he was never technically out (although he should have been due to interference), but a baserunner cannot be safe if he never touched the bag. What that tells me is that Utley could have stopped halfway between first and second, whipped his dick out, rubbed one out and then ran off the field, but as long as Ruben never fucking touches the bag, he is safe a second.

Unreal officiating, even after given a second chance to review the play. It is the reason they lost that game, and if it is the reason they lose the series, I can bet you Chase Utley’s head will be sitting on top of the GW.


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