“It take a big man to admit his mistake…and I am that big man – Michael Scott” – Rory Monaghan

Lets look at the progression of Rory’s thoughts throughout this season for the Mets

Early April: This team is ok, will go 81-81 and come in second in the division, far behind the 1st place Nats.

Entire Month of June: This team is the worst fucking team in baseball. John Mayberry Jr and Eric Cambell are the 4-5 hitters. It would be an upgrade offensively and defensively sticking me in at SS. They’re going to lose out, no questions asked

Late July: Whaaaaat? This is what it is like to have an actual offense? Why is the lineup not comprised of mostly AA players? Who tied Sandy Alderson up in a basement and waterboarded him until he actually made impact trades? Buuut Terry Collins is an idiot. He’ll misuse these pieces. 

August+September: Holy shit the Mets might have a chance at playing in October. But know your roots, Ror. 2007+2008 #NeverForget 

September 26th: People are saying they are mathematically immune to a collapse, but if there is 1 team that can do the mathematically impossible, its the Metropolitans. 

Before the Dodger’s series: Its been a nice year, but no way they get past the Dodgers. Kershaw and Greinke are too good, but I can live with this team just reaching the playoffs. This team has come a long way and exceeded everyone’s expectations, but this ride is going to be over in a few games. Dodgers in 4.

Before the Cubs series: Dodgers weren’t actually that good. The Cubs are. It’s been fun. Cubbies in 6. 

This entire goddamn year I have been down on this team. And as a tortured Mets fan, I’ve earned that right. But at every turn, just when you think there is going to be a Carlos Beltran K in the 2006 NLCS or a Tommy Glavine pants-shitting start in a must win game type moment, they’ve done the opposite. They’ve stepped the fuck up. They’ve made myself and ever other dooms day Mets fan look like idiots. They’ve made believers out of the harshest skeptics the world has to offer.

So I am done being negative Nancy. I’ve spit in their face the entire year and all they’ve done to respond if fucking win. As the great Michael Scott once said: “It takes a big man to admit his mistake…and I am that big man.” I was wrong for not believing, and with that I say this: Mets in fucking 6.


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